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Hi, I updated Kaisefu no Mitazono S3 Ep 3 here


I know I've been off for lonng time and it's time to go back

Hopefully I can continuing this project and finish this as soon as possible

Unfortunately, I don't know why the quality is quite bad, I'll find the way to fix it later

Here the post, enjoy!



Long time no see. I have major announcement.

Yap, I subbed this dorama, because I saw no one taking this as their project.
This dorama is soooo freakin' good T____T
Not because I'm biased to Matsu-nii, but the whole context is awesome too

Unfortunately, I only made INDONESIAN SUB. If anyone want to make re-translate into another languages, MESSAGE ME, I'll give the softsub one.
But the released is in Hardsub ^^)//

Disc. : It's been a very long looonnggg time since I subbed something. I tried my best to not made any mistakes, such a typo or miss-translate. If you found something wrong, please tell me.
I'll fix it as soon as possible.


CREDIT : JapSub — jpsubbers
                 Raw :


Ep 01


Ep 2



Sakuraiba's Short fic

Yeaaaayyy, Happy Birthday to Sho-chan!!!!!

I always wanted to write Sakuraiba's fic, and finally....

Here's the wholesome fic for you~~~

*Since I'm not english native speaker, so pardon my grammar*


Title : Birthday Present

Disclaimer : J&A

Rated : hmmmm... M? Idk lol


Sakuraiba’s short story

‘Otsukare-sama!!’ the staffs finished today shooting for VS Arashi. Then I grab my phone and going to our green room as soon as the staffs start to clean the studio. That was the moment where our eyes meet.

“Sho, what you want for your birthday?” Jun put his right hand on my shoulder. Then he looked at me to wait my answer

“Anything is fine”

“No, you know I always find it difficult when giving someone a birthday present, so instead of giving something unwanted, I ask them what want right now” he explained

“Really, nothing crossed my mind right now” I put his hand down, as soon I caught the ‘look’ from the corner

“He can buy it for himself anyway. You just go buy something with your guts” Nino suddenly spoke while plays his game. As always. His comments hit the home, “nicely”

“Hmm, okay. I think I know something that suits him perfectly” Jun walked away, and then Ohno began to approach me

“Ne, do you mind if I give you something “fishy” this year?” I almost choked on my own. The way he says ‘fishy’, I smell something ‘fishy’ from him

Collapse )

[SUB] Yonimo Kimyou Na Monogatari (25th Anniv. SP) Autumn 2015 - Remake Of Best Works (2015.11.21)

Phew, sorry for not posting about anything lately.
And sorry for abandon the dame koi INA sub (I've been very busy with my college and my undergraduate thesis QAQ) but I promise I'll continuing it when I'm free from those all :"")

this is an old project with my friend scheiji_1412. I'm in the middle of translating the 2nd night, but still we don't know when we can upload it~

you can find the sub here~
its in public post~ so there you are~ yahooo!!


- a weird status with bad english -
when people around me talking about "Love", its like I don't care about it at all.
Of course, sometimes I have someone I like, but then that feeling gone. Even that feeling still left in my heart, I'm sure I'll forget in no time.
Sometimes I feel so heartless. When some girls I know falling in love with someone and I just look at her 'Oh dude, he's the 3rd in this month'. I'll start talk full of sarcasm to her, then I ended up with hurt her.
Probably, I'm become like this because of I don't have a confidence in myself to be able get the right one.
I'm not good enough, so why someone should like me?
Or, probably I'm too afraid to believe it?
But I'm not kidding when I said 'I like that nishikido guy'. I've made a promise to myself to not give up till I can meet him.
Its sound crazy, but because of him... I want to get stronger.
He's the reason why I'm enrolled to Japanese literature. He is the reason why I wanna go to Japan.
I got stronger because I promise "I won't fall here", "I shouldn't cry anymore", "You can do it", even though I was so scared.
When I didn't know what should I do anymore, I'll look at my phone and say "I won't break my own promise, I'll meet you"
even my mom told me "Face the reality, you won't be able to meet him in person" I KNOW MOM, but at least let him be my dream.
Of course, I'll be super sad if I know he's going to married someone. But, still I want to thanks him. because of him, I can face the struggles properly.
I'm not a good looking girl, nice behaviour girl, even myself know no one will love me. but I don't mind if I don't get married though.....
sorry, mom, dad in my situation hard to find nice guy who's gonna accept me the way I am :"")

DameKoi sub Progress

Hisashiburi~ I'm sorry for my lateness and I apologize for whoever waiting for my subs.
I had 1 month holiday, and I was forget to tell you guys about my condition. In my home, I couldn't continuing of my project because I was sooooo bussyyy~.
I was accompanied my mother and my father going to hospital every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, I have 3 days left, but I wasn't free at all >< and then my beloved laptop was crash and got it repaired so, I lost some of apps on my laptop, its take few days to re-install apps I need.
But don't worry, I'm working on 2nd eps, hopefully I can release it in this week.
I'm very very sorry~ you can watch with eng sub instead, rite?

See you!!

[SUB] DameKoi

  • Title: ダメな私に恋してください

  • Title (romaji): Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai

  • Format: Renzoku

  • Genre: Love comedy

  • Episodes: TBD

  • Broadcast network: TBS

  • Broadcast period: 2016-Jan-12 start

  • Air time: Tuesday 22:00

  • Theme song: Motto by aiko

Synposis :
Michiko is single and jobless since her employer went bankrupt. She likes to eat meat most of all, but can only afford cabbage, as she struggles to get a new job and her savings dry up from spending money on a younger men. With no boyfriend, no job and no money, Michiko is hopeless. She only has her passion for eating meat. One day when she tries to steal cat food from a stray cat, she comes across with her former boss, Ayumu. After taking Michiko to his cafe, "Sunflower," (Himawari) Ayumu suggests her to work there. While Michiko is delighted to have a job again, she is also worried about working under Ayumu who was strict and abusive at their former office. At "Sunflower", however, she starts to discover a different side to Ayumu... -- TBS
 Cast :



Here we go!
Because I've done with INA sub, so I'll upload it first. My friend told me EngSub will up by tomorrow evening.
This sub done without proof reading so if you find any mistakes or weird words tell me, so I'll fix it qiuckly
My subs are match with furransu ver.

p.s : if you want to share it at your own blog or journal, please direct it to my LJ instead of re-translate it. But if you want to re-translate it into another language beside eng-ina, please ask me first.
I'll post it at d-addicts after my friend send me the eng sub. I'll post it both.

Jap-sub thanks to Jpsubber
Jap-Ina sub chianishikido
Ina-Eng sub thanks to ganis
re-timer thanks to tomapiya

Ep. 1 ( DesKey : !d7O0JPKVg24JuWqLG1s_eyd2GLliB4yLTkIeTw3n_Es)

[Eng SUB]
Since someone has subbed the eng sub of this drama, I'll release the INA sub only.
I'm sorry for those who's waiting for my sub, but I'm not longer share my eng-sub. You can go to
You can find the direct link to the eng sub :)
And for anyone who's still looking for INA sub, I'm still keep it as my project.

Thanks for your support! I'll do my best :)

DameKoi Sub (update)

Hi, everyone!!
Its about DameKoi sub~ ehehe sorry I'm keep you guys waiting.
I'm done with Jap-Ina translating, and now my friend is to do the Ina-Eng trans, if she hasn't any trouble we'll release it soon.
The story is quite intersting and yeah I couldn't stop flailing Dean Fujioka (this is reason why it take me so long)

I've just knew that Dean's wife is Indonesian and sometimes he stays at Jakarta.
My heart just........ </3 </3

*for my Indonesian friends, I have a Jap-drama fan group in LINE, If you want to join comment your ID and I'll add you so I can invite you ^3^*

SORRY, I keep you waiting, but I'll release it very soon. thanks!

P.S : I'm going to my LJ open but IF I KNOW SOMEONE make a profit or claim its theirs, I'll lock my lj for sure :)


Well, this isnt my first time doing this subbing things.
I just wanna tell you guys that I'm going to sub 'Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai'.
I'm just sub Jap-Ina sub, but don't worry, my friend will do the Ina-Eng sub.
Probably I can start it next week, bcs I have another video working on.

Shohei so cute and there also Oryo~ ulalalala
This is my first time see Dean Fujioka, he is quite an Ikemen-type, huh?

I'll sub it weekly, but not that fast, bcs I'm still have my part time job and my rl.

Even though this isnt my first time, still my translation not 100% accurrate. Pardon for any mistakes. Hey yeah~ see you later!!!


it's really been a long time since I post something here.
I always wanna write about my daily life or fandom life, but I just feel so lazy to keep it update, lol
hem, now I'm in my 3rd years of college and soon I'm going to do an "Internship" at one of an office in Jakarta. well I can say that I'm glad to can be able work there, which common peoples does saying its so difficult get approved there. but its mean, I should give my best to not embarassed myself and my univ.
so huge a responsibility to carry on with >w< even I'm with my friend, but just two of us sure make it more harder.
the intership programme in my faculty is only a month of period. BUT when I received my approval papers from the office, its says "2 months" QAQ
I and my friend so shock... seriosly? are u kidding me? << that kind of reaction we did in front of students service office.
HAAAHH 2 MONTHS? being a trainee isnt easy you know..... but when I re-thingking about it "well, just do it. maybe I'll learn more than I'm supposed to do"
I'm swear it'll be tough. the day of internship is July 5th till September 4th. And in July we (moslem) have a tradition every year, which call it "Puasa" or Fasting.
its only for 1 month but...... as a Jakarta people, I've know that Jakarta's weather is extremely HOT. even I'm gonna do any activities in a office with AC on. but if I'm gonna buy or do an errands out from the office, its must be a HELL.

one more thing, which make us panic is "as a trainee we should wear a formal clothes".... HAH. WELL, THIS IS A BIG PANIC. To be honest, I'm kinda boyish, neither my friend. both of us like a simple cordination like wear a shirt with cardigan on it, and jeans plus sneakers or such. but this time, the office's rules is we're prohibited for wearing shirt and jeans >____< so we're decided to buy some stuffs for intership day QAQ
*my mum just give some cash for buy shoes, but not for the clothes........... HELP*